VINTAGE 1980s NAPIER Lion’s Head Doorknocker Earrings

Napier Lions Head DoorknockersNapier was considered to be the oldest fashion jewelry house in the U.S. having been founded in 1875. Napier’s collectibles include the unique early designed and manufactured simple, yet elegant line of costume jewelry avoiding the most expensive materials like aurora borealis rhinestones. It created jewelry with high style and superior craftsmanship updating the styling, quality and value for the modern American woman, ranging from career jewelry to casual wear and special occasion. Napier jewelry was at its height of popularity in the early 1900s. They began stamping their brand name on their jewelry in 1922 and continued to do so until the close, of what is now their vintage collection, in October 1999.
Designer key-rings aren’t so much the style anymore…it’s all about haute couture, designer earrings! After a period in the fashion wilderness, the past few seasons have seen fashion jewelry leap back on to the catwalks, encouraged by the rise of multiple ear piercings across the generations. With the revival of vintage clip on earrings, worn by women with pierced ears or not, it’s easy to remember that earrings can add sparkle to your complexion and eyes like these have been doing for decades!
These gorgeous tiny golden lion’s head door-knockers are from our Lion’s Head collection. These pieces are stamped, they’re highly detailed, in mint vintage condition and are pieces representing the strength and courage of the lion, a true and dignified statement in these times!

These earrings measure .75″L x .5″W

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