VINTAGE 1980s Lion’s Head Doorknocker Matte Gold Clip-on Earrings

Lion's Head Brushed Gold Earrings 5.jpg
Doorknocker earrings have been popular in New York for decades and are more popular than ever now. Lion’s heads represent courage and bravery which is a huge statement in the times. The two styles come together in these vintage earrings making them so much more than just conversation pieces! These are from our Lion’s Head collection and they’re in a gorgeous gold tone matte finish which looks like pure 24K gold. These pieces are in excellent vintage condition, the earring pads are practically new and, as with all of our jewelry, these pieces have been sterilized, cleaned and polished with commercial equipment. These clip on earrings are very comfortable, sophisticated, and bold making them an excellent choice for collectors!

Earrings measure 1.5″ in length

Please visit our store for more of our Lion’s Head Doorknocker Earrings Collection!

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