VINTAGE 1980s LISNER Brushed Silver Ribbon Bracelet

Lisner Chunky Silver Bracelet 0.jpgThe D. Lisner Company was officially founded in 1904, which was largely wholesale and was comprised of goods imported from Europe, including jewelry. Until the 1930’s, much of Lisner’s jewelry was imported from Europe and was sold on a wholesale basis. Around the 1930’s Europe, importing jewelry and rhinestones proved difficult and they wanted a nautical look for the upcoming season, so they would contract for the new line with a factory in Providence that specialized in nautical jewelry. Once considered “junk jewelry,” vintage Lisner pieces have only recently become collectible. In the 1990s, collectors realized that the clever shapes and bright colors of the company’s cheaply made plastic leaves and baubles possessed a unique beauty. The value of Lisner jewelry has surged in the last couple of decades and is coveted worldwide. Today, collectors appreciate Lisner fashion jewelry for its modern, art-inspired beauty. Victor Ganz may be well-known for his art collection, but he should also be remembered for the artistic, classic jewelry he created, like this gorgeous, chunky silver bracelet. It is stunning, perfect for dress or casual wear, sparkling and shining it really dazzles! It has a brushed silver look and is in excellent vintage condition.

This piece is signed LISNER and measures 7.25″L x 1″W

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