VINTAGE 1980s NAPIER Gold Chain Wrapped Pearl Bracelet

Napier Pearl Bracelet 2.jpgNapier’s collectibles include the unique early designed and manufactured simple, yet elegant line of costume jewelry. Napier was considered to be the oldest fashion jewelry house in the U.S. having been founded in 1875. Jones Apparel Group ceased operations of “NAPIER” jewelry in 1999. In that time it created jewelry with high style and superior craftsmanship updating the styling, quality and value for the modern American woman, ranging from career jewelry to casual wear and special occasion. Napier Jewelry is a brand name for an American Company known for its costume jewelry made affordable to everyone. In the 1920s Napier gained popularity for its sleek designs and geometric shapes and today the jewelry is just as popular and valuable. This bracelet is decadent in gold with luminous, cream colored, faux pearls (very natural looking) placed in an elegant geometric design making it a perfect addition to your summer and travel wardrobe. Additionally, this vintage Napier jewelry piece is also highly collectible! This gorgeous faux pearl bracelet is embellished and weaved with gold chains that absolutely shimmer in the light.

This piece is signed Napier and measures 7.25″ in length

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