VINTAGE 1970s MLX .925 Sterling Silver Doorknocker Earrings

Mexico Silver Doorknocker Earrings 1.jpgSilver is a precious white metal which is highly conductive and malleable. Because of its softness and receptiveness to polish, silver was notably first used during ancient times to create tableware with intricate designs and a mirror-like shine. Then in 12th century Europe, people discovered that silver could be alloyed with other metals to create a more durable and useful material known today as sterling silver. Initially, sterling silver was used to make monetary coins. Early Norman sterling silver pennies were typically imprinted with small stars, so many believe that that word “sterling” came from the Old English word “steorling,” meaning “with a little star.” It wasn’t until the mid-19th century that sterling silver really became popular in jewelry making, later making its mark on Art Nouveau design and modern fashion. More interesting facts about the silver used in these pieces is that the “MLX” is both before and after the 925 (925 MLX) indicating they’re most likely pieces produced in Mexico. These are the only markings on the pieces. The 925 represents .925 (92.5%) pure silver…which is the benchmark for sterling silver. These handcrafted earrings are sturdy, comfortable, chic and timeless!

These earrings are signed 925 MLX and measure 1.25″L x .75″W


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