VINTAGE 1940s STAR Silver Statement Bracelet

STAR Silver bracelet 12A.jpgStar and Staret jewelry was originally produced by the Star Novelty Company, Inc. of Chicago. The company began making costume jewelry, marked: “STAR” in 1925-1940. The company changed its name to Staret in the 1940s. Staret jewelry pieces are known for their exuberant design and exceptional use of enameling and high quality rhinestones. The style and sometimes excessively showy shapes of costume jewelry, recalls to mind, the more famous jewels of Eisenberg & Sons. The quality of Staret designs is good quality, with some pieces being exceptional with better quality of workmanship and design. The company ceased operations in 1947.
This 1940s STAR *signed* Silver Bracelet is in excellent vintage condition, sparkles and shines like real silver, and since it’s sturdy, it would travel well. This piece would also make the perfect gift for vintage jewelry lovers and collectors!

This bracelet is signed STAR, measures 7.5″L x 1″L and weighs 1.7 oz.

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STAR Silver bracelet 3.jpg

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