VINTAGE 1980s AVON Nautical Sailboat Earring and Brooch Jewelry Set

Sailboat Jewelry Set 2.jpgWhile Avon may be better known for their cosmetics and beauty creams, their costume jewelry— particularly from the mid-1970s to the late 1990s—has become highly sought after. In 1886, at the age of 28, David H. McConnell began a company named the California Perfume Company, selling perfume door to door. The company’s first color catalogue was produced in October of 1906. In 1939, the company changed it’s name to Avon Products, Inc. In 1954, Avon began it’s wildly successful “Avon Calling” ad campaign. In 1971, Avon began to market costume jewelry and soon costume jewelry would be one of the company’s most popular lines. Today vintage AVON jewelry is highly prized and very collectible.
Here is a superb red, white and blue enamel on gold sailboat earring and brooch jewelry set by AVON. These pieces are extraordinary and very unique! They would be perfect for your summer/travel wardrobe and would make an excellent gift for any vintage jewelry, or sailing, lover!

These pieces are not signed. The earrings measure 1″ in diameter. The brooch measures 2″L x 1.8″W (3″L with anchor charm). All three pieces are in excellent vintage condition.

Please take a look at the other beautiful, nautical pieces in our shop!

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