BEWITCHING VINTAGE 1980s MONET Green Eyed Triple Silver Plated Horned Owl

Brooch Monet Silver Owl 4.jpgMONET Silver Plated Green Eyed Owl Brooch
Michael and Joseph Chernow, the founders of the costume jewelry business we know today as Monet, had $4 to their name when they first considered entering the business in 1919. Now they’re known for their quality jewelry worldwide. Today, vintage Monet jewelry is particularly prized by collectors for its quality. Thanks to triple-plating, it’s not unusual for Monet pieces to last for decades without showing signs of wear on the finish.
This enchanting piece is triple plated silver with brilliant green rhinestone eyes creating a very detailed rendition of a great horned owl. It makes an excellent addition to your jewelry box or a spectacular gift for Monet collectors and bird lovers!

This piece is signed Monet, measures 1.5”L x 1.25”W and has a perfect, secure, rollover clasp.

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Use this link to view this enchanting brooch in our shop!

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