EXQUISITE VINTAGE CRAFT (Gemcraft N.Y.) Gold Plated, Simulated Pearl and Rhinestone Encrusted Ram’s Head Cuff Bracelet

Bracelet KJL Unsigned Gold Ram 2B copy.jpgCoro company (also known as Gem-CRAFT) started in 1901 in New York and became one of the most successful costume jewelry makers of the twentieth century. They also used many other names including Corocraft, CRAFT, Vendome and Jewelcraft. Up to 1955 they patented their designs, after they copyrighted them and some of their jewelry was signed and some not. They produced pieces for Kenneth J. Lane, Kramer and other famous costume jewelers. There were factories in the US and also Sussex, UK. Vintage pieces like this from Craft are very rare and sought after.
This highly collectible bracelet features two matching sculptured, gold plated ram’s heads with simulated pearl embellishments and encrusted with clear rhinestones and four stunning green rhinestone eyes. You’ll find this piece truly breathtaking! It looks like something from a museum and it is in excellent vintage condition. This is an extraordinary statement piece, and would make a decadent gift, or an excellent addition to your own jewelry box!

This piece measures 6.5”L x .75”W and weighs 2.2 oz. This piece will fit most wrist sizes since it is a cuff bracelet however it is on the smaller side. This bracelet is NOT SIGNED, however, it has been positively identified as ‘Craft’ (Gemcraft) which can be verified, quite easily, with a simple internet search.

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Use this link to view this exquisite bracelet in our shop!

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