EXQUISITE VINTAGE 1988 Jonette Jewelry Lady Godiva Gold Plated Statement Brooch

Brooches JJ Lady w Gold Hair 1.jpgJonette Jewelry Co has a rich history and a humble beginning. JJ was first started by a man named Abraham Lisker who was originally trained as a doctor. Deciding that he needed a career change he moved into the jewelry industry in Rhode Island. At one point Abraham decided that novelty figural brooches were the direction he wanted his company to go after seeing the high sales. Abraham and his brother Nathan made the decision to name their company Jonette Jewelry Co in honor of their parents John and Etta by combining their names together. JJ jewelry has been widely collected over the course of the company’s production. The company closed in 2006 and now their vintage pieces are highly coveted and sought by collectors.

An extraordinary piece of jewelry makes a statement and brings a smile to your face every time you see it, like this amazing Lady Godiva brooch. This romantic piece features a beautiful goddess with long, flowing, ribbon like hair with several tropical flowers adorning her. This rare, art nouveau brooch is gold plated, highly collectible and would make an excellent addition to your jewelry box. It has an exotic, tropical, South Pacific look…so very lush and chic!

This impressive piece is signed JJ 1988, measures just under 3″L x 1.75″W, is in excellent vintage condition and has a perfect, secure roll over clasp.

Please take a look at the other amazing vintage pieces available in our shop!

Use this link to view this amazing brooch in our shop!

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