Glamorous VINTAGE 1980s Nautical Simulated Pearl and Gold Mesh Haute Couture Cuff Links

Cuff Links Pearl on Gold 0B.jpgPower suiting meets its match with these sophisticated and luxurious golden mesh simulated pearl cuff links, for both men and women. They’re true ‘haute couture’ pieces imbued with vintage glamour that bring a certain measure of effortless elegance.
These pieces show high quality craftsmanship and are supremely decadent accents with large realistic pearls in an unique, gold plated formal setting. They’re perfect for luncheons, weddings, formal wear and business attire. These pieces would also make an excellent gift idea.

These pieces are not signed, have six pearls surrounding one larger pearl in the center and measure 1″ in diameter. The button hole toggle clasps measure just over .5″L. The wire gold mesh connector measures 2.25″L and serves functionally as well as adding elegance and grace to your look. These pieces are highly durable and in excellent vintage condition.

Please take a look in our shop for other unique pieces of jewelry!

Use this link to view these stunning cuff links in our shop!


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