Rare VINTAGE 1980s GUCCI EARRINGS Gorgeous Paolo Gucci ~ Golden Wreath Doorknocker Clip-on Designer Statement Earrings

Earrings Gucci Gold Wreath 3Paolo Gucci Gold Wreath Door Knocker Designer Earrings
These 1980s gold textured wreath clip on earrings are signed by vintage designer Paolo Gucci in a large door knocker style.

These designer earrings measure approx. 2″L x 1.5″W both pieces are signed PAOLO on the reverse and have working clip on mechanisms. Please note: They are slightly on the heavy side weighing .4 oz. each and show average wear with small blemishes and have been priced accordingly, however, we are open to offers. Both earrings have been sterilized as with all other pieces we present.

Please take a look at the other Givenchy jewelry available in our shop!

Use this link to purchase these earrings from our shop!

Earrings Gucci Gold Wreath 2

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