Christian Dior Pearl Drop Earrings

Earrings Dior Pearl Clipon with Drop 3A.jpg

Christian Dior Earrings *signed* Authentic Vintage Pearl Designer Earrings ~ Wedding Jewelry

Deck yourself out with these amazing French designer earrings! They feature cream colored, simulated pearl drops dangling from large settings with one large, oval pearl surrounded by seven, smaller, round pearls, with fourteen crystals encrusted between the smaller pearls, adding extra decadence. These settings are on signed, clip on mechanisms which are in perfect working order. These gorgeous pieces measure 1.5″ in length and are in excellent vintage condition. Please let us know if you would like to see additional photographs or if you have any questions!

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Christian Dior dominated the fashion scene and helped revive Paris, as the center of high fashion, in the years immediately following World War II. Dior yearned for women to recover their femininity after the war and designed clothes to reflect the charming elegance that he remembered from his mother’s Edwardian gowns. Dior enjoyed tremendous success in Paris and each of his new collections would be an anguishing trial for the melancholy giant of fashion. His brilliant new collections would emerge including extravagant evening gowns, cocktail dresses, pillbox hats, elbow length gloves and more. The press enjoyed an extraordinary ten year love affair with Dior, for he never failed to create fashions that were newsworthy, as well as beautiful. The journalists turned him into a legend as the most famous designer who ever lived.
He put on a private show for the queen of England at the French Embassy in London, his funeral was attended by the Duchess of Windsor, as well as fellow courtiers, and many others who had a great love and respect for him. Yves Saint Laurent had collaborated on Dior’s last collections and upon Dior’s death, the 21-year-old took over the tasks for the House of Dior, until 1960. Today Dior’s designs are highly collected and prized the world over and likely will be for all time. Isn’t it time you added more Dior to your collection?

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Earrings Dior Pearl Clipon with Drop 2.jpg

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